Dining Program


Our Dining Program
Our food service professionals at The Center provide well-balanced meals, meeting the nutritional need of all our residents. In order to honor food preferences, we offer a variety of home cooked and freshly prepared entrees with daily specials served directly from our newly built kitchen in the dining room.

Summer months are spent at the Back Yard Bistro overlooking the beautifully landscaped courtyard where family members are invited to join a loved one for an upscale, 3-course dining experience.

Picnics and BBQs are common at The Center and in keeping with family traditions, our holidays are served up family style.

At the Center, we strive to make each meal a celebration providing the highest quality of service to those who may have provided for others during their entire lives.

Along with these specialty dining events, The Center is also working with other aspects of dining to make the residents’ stay more ‘home-like’. We’ve eliminated food service carts and patient trays. Food is served directly from the steam table to the residents. Our focus is to make food service less institutional and instead provide a more family style of service.


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