Centennial Endowment Fund

The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Hoosick Falls (The Center) has been part of the Hoosick Area Community for 100 over years.  The Center is so inter-twined within our community, since its very beginning as a birthing and health clinic in 1914; it is easy to not appreciate how unusual this history is.  Very few small communities still have such a resource.  The Center has been called home for so many, a place close to their own home.  It has also meant that The Center could and does count on the community for assistance in many ways; including its auxiliary, the local emergency corps, pharmacy and doctors as well as financial support.

Never in the history of The Center has so much change come so fast.  New York State is changing its role in delivery of long-term care, at the same time the Federal Government is undertaking huge changes in its approach.  There are many county nursing facilities being sold and many smaller homes struggling to stay in business.  Through all this, The Center has been re-positioned and is better established to be part of our community for a second 100 years. Shifting some of our emphasis to meet current needs; our rehabilitation specialists work as a team to design individualized programs for a diverse population including, but not limited to: strokes, total joint replacements, fractures, post-surgical, dementia related issues, and more.

That re-positioning was not without cost. We have had to reach into our “rainy day” fund to do so.  We are thankful, however, that through the community’s past support and good business practices we had such funds available to avert a financial crisis and complete state-mandated projects such as the installation of the new sprinkler system in the older portion of the facility.

To be prepared for the uncertain future, we are reaching out to you. We have established the Centennial Endowment Fund Drive.  We write to urge you to support this fund through a donation big or small. Please take the time to donate on the donation page and to give generously to the Center for its journey into the next century.   Checks may be made payable to:  HFHC Foundation and sent to 21 Danforth Street, Hoosick Falls, NY  12090

In closing, we would like to remind you that The Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation at Hoosick Falls’ mission is to create an individualized resident experience.  When the need arises for short-term or long-term rehabilitation care, our dedicated staff is here to provide you or your loved one with the love and care we would give to our own loved ones.


Suzanne Anair             Gregory M. Laurin                    Joyce N. Davis

Administrator              Board of Directors President     Foundation President