Our Staff

039Board of Directors

Gregory M. Laurin, President
William Koester, 1st Vice President

William C. Johnston, Treasurer
Joyce N. Davis, Secretary; Retired
Edward J. Gorman, Partner with Sternberg & Gorman, LLP
William L. Cottrell
Harold J. McClellan
Dennis Perry
Patricia Ryan, BSN, RN


Department Directors

Laura Reynolds, Administrator
Courtney LeBarron, Director of Nursing
Amanda Crossman, Director of Rehabilitation
Martha Bonneau, Director of Inservice Education
Ylva Fisher, Director of Food Service
Sara Senecal, Resident and Family Services
Jennie Miller, Resident and Family Services, Admissions Coordinator
Richard Springer, Director of Maintenance
Ken Lanoue, Director of Purchasing and Environmental Services
Meaghan McKee, Director of Activities

“Our hope with the strategic plan is to create clear and measurable goals for the next 3-5 years and very specific initiatives to accomplish those goals. Focused on an ever-increasing need to become more competitive within our industry, this plan paves the way for us to achieve two initiatives: to become the “supplier of choice” for individualized health care and the “employer of choice” in our area. Sometimes it’s easy to say there is no reason for change; however, I would challenge all of us to be focused on what The Center will become and not on whom we are now. We are aware of the struggles the economy has placed, not only on each of us, but on the industry; ultimately affecting the residents. The strategic plan and name change is not about making us bigger or different but BETTER. This plan to move forward will help us capitalize on our strengths. It allows us to be innovative and encourages us to be disciplined in our approach. I am excited about what we have created and inspired by the possible outcome. Although we have many goals, these are the ones that truly embody The Center moving forward: • To ACHIEVE a standard of excellence in the residential experience offered at The Center by staying true to our values. • To ENCOURAGE staff involvement in creating a center devoted to excellence, value and caring. • To PROVIDE our residents with an opportunity to build their own individual experience with the guidance, supervision and care of our staff. • To continually IMPROVE upon our practices, interactions and relationships. Our Board of Directors come from all aspects of our community. They include local residents, school superintendents, lawyers, former managers, and retired teachers. They are an active board and can be seen regularly walking the halls of The Center.”

Gregory M. Laurin, President,Board of Directors